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Homeowner resources for the prevention of foreclosure

A foreclosure hardship and the circumstances in a homeowner foreclosure.

Maintaining your legal rights cab be crucial in preventing a foreclosure.

A foreclosure hardship is an unexpected and sometimes unavoidable circumstance that creates either a financial situation that causes the homeowner to default on their scheduled mortgage payments as well as other consumer payments. Some common examples of a hardship are: unemployment, job lay off/cut backs, medical expenses, sickness, accident that prevents one from going to work, divorce, family issues, military call up, emergency expenses, stolen property, and many others.

The US Department of Housing And Urban Development (HUD) issued official federally santioned guidelines mandating that a lender must allow a homeowner the opportunity to prevent the foreclosure of their home if the hardship that caused their default is now over or ending, and they now have the necessary capacity or income to pay their regular mortgage payments from this point forward. The number of delinquent payments, penalties, damaged credit ratings, other payments due, or even a recent bankruptcy will not affect your basic rights to end your foreclosure caused by a hardship as long as you are able to show that you have regained financial stability and have the capacity to maintain your mortgage payments again.



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